- About ME - 

I’ve always identified as an artist, it is my favorite way to show up in the world. Art has been a constant source of clarity and friendship for me, and a way for me to celebrate and document my favorite parts of living on this magical earth. 

The art I make strives to capture the fleeting moments of pure bliss, humor, despair or mystery that life gives us. Those moments where time seems to stand still, and wonder takes over.  The style and media I use to make my work varies but the core expression stays constant. Much of my work focuses on the brighter aspects of life, often with a slightly sardonic twist.

I’ve been serious about making art since age 3, making my first sales at age 5. They were macaroni and glitter collages I sold door to door with my little red wagon, for .25 a piece. I was constantly working on one or more creations all through childhood. We moved a lot as a family, but I always had an arts and crafts space set up in each home. I ended up earning my BFA focusing on fine arts, and now create work on a professional level. 

My studio is a drafting table inside of our 4’ x 11’ pantry next to the kitchen. Due to studio size constraints, I’m an artist who works relatively small; on drawings, paintings and sometimes sculpture and sewing projects. I love to draw with ink, colored pencil, and paint with gouache - an opaque and bright watercolor paint. 

I'm always working on something new, and try to keep this website as updated as I can. If you're interested in following me, I keep my Instagram account up to date, the link is above!